Who We Are

Christian Life Church is a community of believers from diverse backgrounds.

We began our journey as an entity when DuWayne & Molly moved to Sugar Land with the vision to plant a Spirit-Filled church in this growing desirable place to live. It's our desire to make Jesus famous in people's lives. Whether you are a seasoned christian, a new believer, or just looking around, you are welcome at CLC.

We are a multi-cultural church which reflects our geographical location as well as the heartbeat of our pastor. Also, we are a worshipful church filled with God's presence. We believe that miracles still happen today and have been eye witness of many. We recognize we're not perfect people and therefore aren't judgmental toward others. Love and acceptance are key words around here. We'll lean on the side of grace and mercy but do believe that when God comes into a life, biblically, old things are passed away, gone, and stuff is made new! While salvation is free and comes by grace (don't work for it) the Christian Life is a daily process.

We are made up of mature believers as well as those that are just beginning their journey with Jesus, and also some that are finding their way back to walk down the road, their christian life.